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Association of Municipalities and towns of Slovenia (SOS) is the biggest representative association of municipalities, established in 1992. Association has 173 member municipalities (from 210 municipalities). Because of different needs in association with community’s size the association is organized in three sections – section of city municipalities, section with Administrative Unit headquarters and section of other communities. President of each section is also a vice-president of community member communities represent and accomplish their tasks in 16 commissions,  (over 400 representatives of member communities are operating in this groups), in which they coordinate legal acts and regulation act within working areas that are important for the communities.

The highest executive body of Association is the Executive Bureau, composed of 30 mayors, 10 from each section.

President: dr. Ivan Žagar, mayor of Municipality of Slovenska Bistrica 

Vice- president:  Leopold Kremžar, mayor of Municipality of Miklavž 

Vice- president: Anton Štihec, mayor of Municipality of Murska Sobota

Tasks of Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia are, in particular, implementation and representation of local community’s common interests in proportion to coordination with legal and regulation acts, which, with their solutions, impact on municipalities’ situation. Among this, there are many other tasks, inter alia:

•    They draw up and carry out different types of education for Member Communities
•    It offers help and scientific advice to the Member Communities in those fields where it is necessary
•    It gives effect and it represents common interests of the community towards the state authorities and international organizations
•    It creates common development projects
•    It represents community’s interests in the negotiations for financial credits intended for the community’s from state budget
•    It represents community’s interests in the procedures of making collective contract for public sector
•    It prepares professional materials for the community’s needs
•    It takes care of Member Community’s regular informing, about issues, that are important for the community’s functioning.

The Association works actively in the EU's COR. In the delegation of Slovenian local communities in the COR (where 7 places belong to Slovenia) next members are representing Slovenia:
Leader of Delegation in COR  dr. Ivan Žagar, Slovenska Bistrica
Member                                  Peter Bossman, Piran
Member                                  Jasna Gabrič, Trbovlje
Member                                  Mitja Meršol, Ljubljana
Substitute member                Štefan Čelan,  Ptuj
Substitute member                Anton Štihec,   Murska Sobota
Substitute member                Branko Ledinek,  Rače Fram
Substitute member                Tanja Vindiš Furman, občina Maribor

The National coordinator for the delegation’s work from the Association is Miha Mohor.
Members of the Association are represented also in the Congress of local and regional authorities by the EU Council (KLRO SE) by Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), by Network Association of Local Authorities of SE Europe – NALAS and by Euro Mediterranean Partnership of Local and Regional Authorities – COPPEM.

The SOS Secretary does professional, administrative-technical and other tasks for the member municipalities. The SOS Secretariat is:

Secretary General: Jasmina Vidmar
Counsellor for general and legal matters: Urša Rupar & Polona Atelšek
Counsellor for the areas of environment, tourism, e-services: Saša Kek
International relationships area:  Miha Mohor
Public relation: Barbara Horvat
Administrative-technical and financial advice: Metka Lašič

SKUPNOST OBČIN SLOVENIJE (Association of Municipalities and towns of Slovenia)
Tel: +386 2 234 15 00
Fax: +386 2 234 15 03
E-mail: info@skupnostobcin.si
Web: www.skupnostobcin.si

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